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About L.I.F.E. Concepts

We are committed to helping you develop leaders and build a culture of leadership. Achieving this objective will drive alignment, promote accountability, multiply productivity and increase your bottom line. Our premier leadership course and training is designed to equip frontline staff, new hires, and new entry-level supervisors to lead effectively. Through our signature design process and state-of-the-art technology, we will enable you to leverage leadership in order to achieve organizational excellence! You’ll do this with the support of a remarkable team of individuals who truly care about your long-term success and achievement.

Our Vision

To empower all people to recognize and reach their highest leadership potential.

Our Mission

To develop relevant resources and customized solutions to optimize both individual and organizational leadership capability.

Our Clients

"We live in a time when everything moves so quickly and leadership decision happen at the point of service. Organizations must invest in their front line employees and empower them with the tools to lead. Investing in developing the front line leader gives organizations and individuals the personal and professional advantage. With change being a constant we must all invest regularly in ourselves or we will find both the organization and individuals being left behind. Wired to Lead provides a platform that is real time and real life. It forces the hard discussion and pushes for growth."

Traci B. - CEO

"This course allowed me to not only find my strengths as a person but as a professional. I now feel empowered to improve not only myself but empower the staff around me to be the best versions of ourselves."

Nicole M. - Nurse

"I truly enjoyed the process and believe that the course was refreshing, motivating and eye-opening. I see true value in the insight and views that were shared by Veronica and believe that this course has really developed my leadership goals into something that is measurable and obtainable."

Tayla L. - Business Office

"Dr. Cochran’s sessions are priceless! I have learned so much about leadership qualities, beliefs, and behaviors. I know that I am more equipped to successfully deal with interactions that are encountered on my professional and personal journey of life. I am so fortunate to have been afforded this opportunity for growth!"

Mrs. C’ Lynn Harris, M. Ed - TAP Master Teacher